Sport Public Relations and Communication

Sport Public Relations and Communication
Бизнес и инвестиции. Книги американских издательств 2010 г.
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Contemporary sport is a huge global enterprise which necessitates that sports organisations operate as businesses. An increasingly important element of sport business is the management of the myriad of relationships in which sport entities are involved. It is the relationship management aspect of sport which is the unique focus of this book. "Sport Public Relations and Communication" is the first book to explore public relations and communications in the sports industry in a global context. It brings together applicable strategies for the sport management or marketing student, and provides a concise guide to how public relations and communications strategies and principles can be applied to sport management and marketing issues. This book discusses and reformulates the principles of public relations and communications by demonstrating how they can be successfully applied in practice within a sports context. Discussion is customized to apply directly to sports...

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