Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. Modern Issues. 1961-Present

Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. Modern Issues. 1961-Present
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Поэтика художественного времени, Поэтика художественного пространства, Поэтика литературных средств, Поэтика литературы как системы целого, Смех как мировоззрение, Возрастание личностного начала в литературе XVIII века, Барокко в русской литературе XVII века, Прогрессивные линии в истории русской литературы, Дмитрий Лихачев, историк и теоретик литературы


Welcome to the 12th edition of the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues. For those of you already familiar with this volume, you will note numerous enhancements and additions to the text as well as illustrations. Extensive speciman varieties continue to be added throughout. In this constant endeavor to provide as much detail as possible, have added illustrations and more detailed text and signature information. Extensive price analysis has been performed to provide timely insight to the ever-changing world paper money marketplace. Renumbering has been held to an absolute minimum, except for Fiji which received extensive review. For the ease of identification, notes are listed under their historic country identification (British Honduras is no longer hidden within Belize). Notes of a particular bank are listed in release date order, and then grouped in ascending denomination order. In the cases of countries where more than one issuing authority is in...

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