Stereoselective Synthesis

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Stereoselective Synthesis
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Stereoselective Synthesis considers the methods available for the synthesis of simple target molecules, the majority containing not more than two chiral centres, as single stereoisomers. This volume focuses on the factors which give rise to the stereoselectivity and classifies stereoselective reactions accordingly. This classification, and the extensive use of 3–D representations, enables the student to understand the stereochemistry of these reactions and hence apply them to the synthesis of previously unseen target molecules as single stereoisomers. Stereoselective Synthesis presents: ? a new, unique, simplified classification for stereoselective reactions based on the number of chiral centres created in the product by comparison with the number present in the starting material ? coverage of the majority of important reaction types used in modern stereoselective synthesis ? a detailed analysis of factors which bring about asymmetric induction: the interplay between...

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