Still Life: Documenting Cancer Survivorship

Still Life: Documenting Cancer Survivorship
Umbrage Editions
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Рождественское чудо, Небесный сахар, Любимая игрушка, Царский офицер, Глашина копилка, Крест в огне не горит


"Powerful, curative images; a blueprint for the hardest part of survivorship, the aftermath of the cure."-Dr. Barron Lerner, professor of medicine and public health at Columbia University and author of The Breast Cancer Wars " Still Life documents the profundities and intense struggles associated with cancer and survivorship . . . in exquisite and deeply personal works, both collectively and individually."-Stephen Verderber, Tulane University This inspiring journey into healing art charts twenty-five cancer survivors ranging in age, sex, and race. With little experience in the medium, they learned the artistic and technical skills to create beautiful works, conveying their experiences of survivorship. Rather than submitting to the difficulties of cancer, these artists have fought to illuminate the true significance of not only what we see, but how we perceive it, in the universally human process of finding a new way to view the...

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