Strange Colors on the Canvas

Strange Colors on the Canvas
Дорлинг Киндерсли
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Book DescriptionWithin the depths of the creative mind wanders the traveler, the obscure stranger seeking fulfillment of the artistic soul. Forever searching, ignorant to boundaries and limitations, self-serving, he often blurs the line between brilliance and madness. Strange Colors on the Canvas is a memoir that finds an identity as unusual as the primary character himself, the gifted but struggling artist; a story passionately told by his own son. It is an intimate account of a strained father-son relationship, an emotional cause-and-effect that shapes itself as an evolution of conflict, contempt, desperation and deliverance. Intensely humorous at times, but often painful and deeply reflective, the order of family is put to the test and the result is a personal journey and discovery and an experience that will touch and enlighten us all.

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