Structural Chemistry of Glasses

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Structural Chemistry of Glasses
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Structural Chemistry of Glasses provides detailed coverage of the subject for students and professionals involved in the physical chemistry aspects of glass research. Starting with the historical background and importance of glasses, it follows on with methods of preparation, structural and bonding theories, and criteria for glass formation including new approaches such as the constraint model.Glass transition is considered, as well as the wide range of theoretical approaches that are used to understand this phenomenon. The author provides a detailed discussion of Boson peaks, FSDP, Polymorphism, fragility, structural techniques, and theoretical modelling methods such as Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics simulation. The book covers ion and electron transport in glasses, mixed-alkali effect, fast ion conduction, power law and scaling behaviour, electron localization, charged defects, photo-structural effects, elastic properties, pressure-induced transitions, switching behaviour, colour, and optical properties of glasses. Special features of a variety of oxide, chalcogenide, halide, oxy-nitride and metallic gasses are discussed.With over 140 sections, this book captures most of the important and topical aspects of glass science, and will be useful for both newcomers to the subject and the experienced practitioner.

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