Swann`s Way

Swann`s Way
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Swann`s Way


A psychological self-portrait, a clear-eyed social study, and a profound meditation upon the artistic process, Marcel Proust`s monumental, encyclopedic masterpiece `A la recherche du temps perdu` (`In Search of Lost Time`) changed the course of twentieth-century literature. `Swann`s Way`, the first volume, introduces the novel`s major themes and its unnamed narrator, an introspective man drawn, in his youth, to fashionable society, like the author himself. Through his narrator`s consciousness, Proust offers readers a comprehensive portrait of the high society of Paris from the 1870s through the First World War. `Swann`s Way` begins with the narrator`s reminiscences of early childhood-including, famously, his evocative memory of eating a pastry called a madeleine-and his fascination with what seemed the separate worlds of his family`s various neighbors and acquaintances. He then turns his focus to the wealthy connoisseur Charles Swann and his obsessive relationship with the...

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