System Modeling and Simulation : An Introduction

System Modeling and Simulation : An Introduction
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Q. What is system modeling? A. System modeling is the process of describing both natural and engineered systems in precise mathematical terms. Q. What is simulation? A. Simulation is the exploitation of a model in order to predict logical consequences of hypothetical situations. Q. What is this book, System Modeling and Simulation: An Introduction? A. This book is a uniquely broad and quantitative introduction to creating models, performing simulations and analyzing results in a systematic and rigorous way. It covers the technical breadth of system modeling by including: continuous-time, sampled-time and discrete-time models temporal, spatial and hybrid models continuous-state and discrete-state models deterministic and stochastic models both system and signal modeling It explores the generality of system modeling by considering a myriad of physical, biological and engineered examples. Each example is...

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