TechStyle: Create Wired Wearables and Geeky Gear

TechStyle: Create Wired Wearables and Geeky Gear
W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.
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The book begins with a lesson on how to be creative and ends with instructions for programming a microchip. Diana leads readers step by step to discovering fashion and technology through the story of her own experiences exploring the two subjects. The book is interactive, containing projects in each chapter that allow readers to experience the discoveries for themselves. Projects range from solving step-by-step, Martin Gardner math puzzles on graph paper provided on the pages of the book, to making an inflatable dress, or knitting anti-bacterial socks. There is also a supplementary website where readers can download patterns and source code for the projects, share tips and tricks, discuss concepts, and upload photos of their creations for feedback from fellow readers and the author. Topics Covered: 1. How to Design: design principles and the research process 2. How to Create: sewing and hacking techniques 3. How to Combine Fashion and Technology: in concepts explored by...

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