The Allure of Machinic Life: Cybernetics, Artificial Life, and the New AI (Bradford Books)

The Allure of Machinic Life: Cybernetics, Artificial Life, and the New AI (Bradford Books)
ОГИ (Объединенное Гуманитарное Издательство)
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Приключения Тома Сойера, Приключения Гекльберри Финна, Зверобой, Последний из могикан, Всадник без головы, Жизнь у индейцев, Оцеола - вождь семинолов


In The Allure of Machinic Life, John Johnston examines new forms of nascent life that emerge through technical interactions within human-constructed environmentsa??"machinic life"a??in the sciences of cybernetics, artificial life, and artificial intelligence. With the development of such research initiatives as the evolution of digital organisms, computer immune systems, artificial protocells, evolutionary robotics, and swarm systems, Johnston argues, machinic life has achieved a complexity and autonomy worthy of study in its own right. Drawing on the publications of scientists as well as a range of work in contemporary philosophy and cultural theory, but always with the primary focus on the "objects at hand"a??the machines, programs, and processes that constitute machinic lifea??Johnston shows how they come about, how they operate, and how they are already changing. This understanding is a necessary first step, he further argues, that must precede speculation about the meaning and...

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