The Basics: A Really Useful Cook Book

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The Basics: A Really Useful Cook Book
Allen & Unwin
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Including hundreds of easy to follow recipes with simple ingredients for fast everyday meals, this definitive cookbook offers home cooks a comprehensive guide to getting it right in the kitchen. Most recipes occupy a double page spread, with one page listing ingredients and method and the second offering a range of hints and tips including a list of necessary equipment, recipe variations, solutions for common cooking mistakes, and handy explanations of obscure or tricky cookbook terms. Each recipe lists the final quantity or number it serves. Recipes range from roast chicken and lasagna to baked cheesecake, and an additional basic recipes section also includes instructions for preparing stocks, a range of pastries, and other base items including beer batter, fondue, and vanilla sugar. This is a cookbook for everyone—from the beginner just leaving home to the more confident cook who wants daily inspiration and a great collection of delicious recipes everyday.

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