The Childless Revolution: What It Means to Be Childless Today

The Childless Revolution: What It Means to Be Childless Today
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A fascinating and incisive look at a growing population: women who by choice or by chance have remained childless. Thanks in part to birth control, delayed marriages, and the emergence of two-career couples, 42% of the adult female population is childless, representing the fastest-growing demographic group to emerge in decades. Alternately pitied and scorned, childless women are rarely asked directly about the reasons for their status; the elephant in the living room, childlessness is a taboo subject. Asking the hard questions, Madelyn Cain uncovers the many reasons for childlessness--from infertility to a focus on a career to even political action--and explores the ramifications, both personal and sociological. Simultaneously compassionate and journalistically curious, The Childless Revolution is informed by the stories of over 100 childless women, at long last giving voice to their experience and validating the jumble of emotions women feel about being a part of such...

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