The Definitive Guide to Grails, Second Edition

The Definitive Guide to Grails, Second Edition
Microsoft Press
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The rise of Ruby on Rails has signified a huge shift in how we build web applications today; it is a fantastic framework with a growing community. There is, however, space for another such framework that integrates seamlessly with Java. Thousands of companies have invested in Java, and these same companies are losing out on the benefits of a Rails–like framework. Enter Grails. Grails is not just a Rails clone, it aims to provide a Rails–like environment that is more familiar to Java developers and that employs idioms that Java developers are comfortable using, making the adjustment in mentality to a dynamic framework less of a jump. Theconcepts within Grails, like interceptors, tag libs, and Groovy Server Pages (GSP), make those in the Java community feel right at home. Grails’ foundation is on solid open source technologies such as Spring, Hibernate, and SiteMesh, which gives it even more potential in the Java space: Spring provides powerful inversion of control and MVC,...

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