The Ecology of Fungal Entomopathogens

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The Ecology of Fungal Entomopathogens
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Understanding of the ecology of fungal entomopathogens has vastly increased since the early 1800a??s, but remains challenging. The often complex interactions between pathogen and host are being unravelled through eloquent research and the importance of the often subtle interactions, in determining the success or failure of biological control, cannot be underplayed. The realm of ecology is vast and deciphering insect-fungal pathogen interactions within an ecological context will take us on voyages beyond our imagination. This book brings together the work of renowned scientists to provide a synthesis of recent research on the ecology of fungal entomopathogens exploring host-pathogen dynamics from the context of biological control and beyond. Dr. Helen Roy leads zoological research in the Biological Records Centre at the NERC Centre for Ecology&Hydrology, UK. The focus of her research is insect community interactions with particular emphasis on the effects of environmental change....

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