The Eleventh Commandment: Transforming to "Own" Customers

The Eleventh Commandment: Transforming to
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Россия в войне 1941-1945


Why should the student of engineering study management? Engineering skills alone do not meet real world requirements; they have to be supplemented by management training. In fact, after graduation, most engineers will find that their success depends as much on general management skills and understanding operational systems as on their technical expertise. To become a complete engineer, a student needs a firm foundation in these skills ? Management for Engineers provides such a foundation. Practical and accessible, the book aims to equip the reader with all the skills and management related topics covered in an undergraduate or graduate course in engineering management. Management for Engineers is based on the Engineering Management Programme at CityUniversity, London, a course which offers all its undergraduate engineers portable management skills, presenting them with the most recent management concepts and covering such issues as: management of quality, materials and new...

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