The French Polynesian Dive Guide

The French Polynesian Dive Guide
Abbeville Press
Австралия и острова
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Жизнь и мнения Тристрама Шенди, джентльмена, Примечания, "Тристрам Шенди" Стерна и теория романа


A sweeping cluster of archipelagoes tossed into the Pacific like a handful of pears, French Polynesia is the dream of millions of tourists and thousands of divers: the clearness of its waters, the richness of its sea beds, and the diversity of its sea flora and fauna make the 115 islands--amazing coral or volcanic atolls-an underwater paradise. Full-color, three-dimensional maps of each dive site offer what no book has ever before provided: the information needed to plan your dive down to the last detail. You can review the exact layout of the site--including depths, sizes, and distances between reefs and wrecks or any hazards--and even the lighting conditions for optimum underwater photography. -The short chapters covering the 27 dives in this book provide crucial data bout depths, currents, water variables, and plant and animal life, and each book ends with a full-color visual encyclopedia of the most common fish that inhabit the area.

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