The Harvard Medical School Guide to Suicide Assessment and Intervention

The Harvard Medical School Guide to Suicide Assessment and Intervention
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More than 30,000 deaths in the United States each year more than 80 per day are a result of suicide. Suicide is the primary cause of early death among psychiatric patients and an issue in one quarter of all psychiatric malpractice lawsuits. The fundamental question is, How can clinicians identify patients who may be at risk for suicide and take the necessary steps to reduce that risk? This essential resource edited by Douglas G. Jacobs, Harvard Medical School’s nationally recognized expert on suicide and depression is a compendium of the most current research and authoritative thought on the topic of suicide. Each of the volume’s forty–eight contributors is an expert on an aspect of suicide assessment and intervention. The breadth of knowledge offered in this handbook speaks to the fact that suicide is a complex, multidimensional clinical problem that requires a wide range of methods for effective assessment and treatment. This hands–on guide is written for those who...

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