The InDesign® Effects Book

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The InDesign® Effects Book
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Make Complex Effects a Snap The strength of InDesign?s layout and design capabilities already make it a top choice among professionals. But even experienced users will be amazed by the visual and text effects that are possible entirely within InDesign. Using step–by–step instructions and engaging examples, expert author Ted LoCascio shows you dozens of breathtaking effects that you can make a vital part of your everyday work, including: Making images pop out of their frames Creating 3D looks like spheres, shadows, and text wraps Designing cool effects with transparency and blending modes Using Feather to add highlights and shadows to InDesign illustrations Creating and applying custom gradients—even within text! Adding glow effects to editable text Jazzing up mundane layout elements such as sidebar heads and bursts Skewing type on a path And much more! Includes Coverage of Effects Newly Possible With CS2 ...

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