The Internet and Society: A Reference Handbook

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The Internet and Society: A Reference Handbook
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An examination of the social impact of the Internet, this volume explores political, social, technical, legal, and economic controversies in a manner accessible to the general reader. The Internet has proven a mixed blessing. Yes, it is the most effective communications tool ever invented. Yes, it has leveled the playing field for people in developing countries. But it has also opened the door to a new breed of tech-savvy criminals who use the Internet for child pornography, identity theft, and online fraud. Today more than one billion people worldwide use the Internet for communication, shopping, business, and research. But in the last five years they have lost over $10 billion to malicious computer attacks alone. Is there a way to keep the benefits and avoid the problems? "The Internet and Society: A Reference Handbook" explores both the positive aspects of the Internet and its darker side. Topically organized, it chronicles the background and history of the Internet, with a focus...

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