The Language of Nightingales

The Language of Nightingales
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The Language of Nightingales


Laurie Davison doesn`t dare to peek into the future. Alone and afraid, facing a life-threatening illness, her present is a nightmare and her past a shattered dream. A married lover, a New Age mother, a host of modern hang-ups, and now `the big one`. No wonder she doesn`t believe in angels. But as Laurie discovers, the present is not the whole story. Packed off to Crompton Hall, a mysterious clinic in the heart of Norfolk, she is quickly drawn into another reality, the world of Edwardian England andthe tangled affairs of the beautiful India Crompton-Leigh, whose portrait hangs in the library at the Hall… Why is India haunting Laurie, and what is the story she has to tell? Who is the second figure in the picture beside her? Only by unravellingthe story and facing her own darkness can Laurie embrace life and begin to believe in the future again.

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