The Legal and Moral Rights of All Artists

The Legal and Moral Rights of All Artists
Поступления 2006 года
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Book DescriptionIt may be said that the beauty of art comes from the struggle that is involved in creating it: struggle to hear the voice, struggle to understand the voice, struggle to express or articulate the voice, struggle to let others hear the voice, and struggle to protect what has been expressed. This book is about the last struggleA?to legally protect what has been expressed by appreciating the struggle that has come before. The Legal and Moral Rights of All Artists is a clear, jargon-free explanation of the crucial concepts every artist needs to know, such as copyright, trademark, work-for-hire and other contract issues, as well as the all-important doctrine of moral rights. Drawing on the historical perspective of theartist as the core element of any created work, this book explains the protection available to artists, not only for their works but also for their vision, integrity, and reputation. Filled with anecdotes and practical advice, this...

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