The Lion Book of Five-minute Parables

The Lion Book of Five-minute Parables
Brighter Child
Новые поступления 2009 г.
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(Не)хорошая девочка Машка. Хроника преступления, Мой сынок, Ест Оля инвалидов, Отложив костыли...


Charlotte Ryton retells ten classic parables that kids will love hearing aloud. She faithfully reimagines the sower and the seed, the rich fool, the great feast, the lost coin, the prodigal son, the widow and the Judge, the unforgiving steward, the workers in the vineyard, the sensible and foolish bridesmaids, and the three servants. Ryton retells the parables with warmth and sincerity and gives parents the means to teach their children an important story in five minutes. Nadine Wickenden pairs the stories with inventive illustrations, created with a collage technique, that give children lots to explore.

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