The Next Economy : Will You Know Where Your Customers Are?

The Next Economy : Will You Know Where Your Customers Are?
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A powerful new approach to building customer commitment, loyalty, and market share Marketing guru Elliott Ettenberg has taken a close look inside scores of businesses, from traditional retail and manufacturing companies to sleek new dot-coms. What he has seen is an emerging trend that has many corporate strategists running scared. When baby boomers retire, the biggest spenders in history will dramatically cut back on spending, forcing retailers to duke it out that much harder for their shares of rapidly dwindling markets. To survive this dramatic power shift, businesses must adopt a new marketing paradigm based not on merely satisfying the customer, but delighting the customer. In The Next Economy , Ettenberg provides readers with just such a model and a set of powerful strategies that companies can use today to prepare themselves to thrive in the years ahead. With the help of many in-depth case studies, he schools readers in cutting-edge...

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