The Nurikabe Book: An Introduction with 101 Puzzles

The Nurikabe Book: An Introduction with 101 Puzzles
Harriman House
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Puzzles are extremely popular at present, largely due to the world-wide phenomenon of Sudoku. Puzzle solving is a great activity for young and old alike - puzzles help children to develop their logical thought processes, help adults relax from the stresses and strains of daily life, and recent research shows that increased mental activity might help protect against degeneration in later life. This book introduces a puzzle called Nurikabe. Like Sudoku, Nurikabe has its roots in Japan, like Sudoku, Nurikabe involves a grid and numbers, and like Sudoku, Nurikabe is a test of logic - no mathematical ability is required. This book contains 101 Nurikabe puzzles, arranged in increasing order of difficulty, from tiny 6x6 puzzles to get you started, up to the final enormous 20x25 puzzle. The introduction contains a description of the rules of Nurikabe, and a few hints to get you started. Solutions to all puzzles are in the back of the book.

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