The People CMM: A Framework for Human Capital Management (2nd Edition)

The People CMM: A Framework for Human Capital Management (2nd Edition)
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Organizations are now competing in two markets, one for their products and services and one for the talent required to produce or perform them. Success in the former is determined by success in the latter. The ability to compete is directly related to the ability to attract, develop, motivate, organize, and retain the talented people needed to accomplish strategic business objectives. The People CMM, as documented in this authoritative book, is a framework for human capital management. Broadly adopted by small and large organizations worldwide, it provides proven tools for addressing strategic workforce and critical people issues. It helps organizations: Establish workforce practices aligned with current and future business objectives Characterize the maturity of workforce practices Guide a program of continuous workforce development Integrate workforce development with continual process improvement People CMM®, Second Edition, documents Version 2 of the People CMM and ...

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