The Rose Conspiracy

The Rose Conspiracy
Ballantine Books
Мистика и триллеры. Поступления - 2009 г.
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Publishers Weekly called Craig Parshall’s Trial by Ordeal “an enjoyable romp for legal thriller aficionados.” Now Parshall takes his readers to the nation’s capital, where a hitherto unknown document has turned up...and turned into murder. As the Smithsonian’s president examines a newly discovered account of Abraham Lincoln’sassassination, an intruder steals in, kills him, and disappears into the night with the document. Vinnie Archmont, an accomplished and stunningly beautiful artist, is implicated. She hires the brilliant but secretly guilt–burdened criminal law professor J.D. Blackstone. Blackstone finds himself uncovering the Mystic Freemasons’ most guarded secret. He reluctantly turns to his uncle, a Bible–quoting Anglican priest and occult–religions expert. Enemies like a sorcery–obsessed billionaire English lord, a powerful U.S. Senator, and a ruthless prosecutor force Blackstone to employ all his cunning. In the process, he is compelled to choose between spiritual...

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