The Russian Oil Economy

The Russian Oil Economy
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Мировая экономика
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History and Politics, The Treatment of Capitalism by Historians, The Anticapitalist Bias of American Historians, The Treatment of Capitalism by Continental Intellectuals, The Standard of Life of the Workers in England, 1790-1830, The Factory System of the Early Nineteenth Century


?This impressive intellectual endeavour tells you everything your wanted to know about the Russian oil industry but were afraid to ask. Even for those of us, who haven?t been afraid to ask, it has a wealth of information for anyone who wants tofollow this interesting industry through the vagaries of its convoluted past.? - Carol Dahl, Colorado School of Mines ?A timely review of the sometime triumphs and repeated failures of Russian oil industry planning. As this comprehensive volume makes clear, the interaction between Russia and global oil markets has often been critical. Over the last century, Russia has played a leading role in oil economics, and as the authors demonstrate, Russia?s untamed power may yet bring turmoil to western oil companies and middle-eastern governments. Despite the spottiness of economic reforms in the 1990s and the incomplete privatization of the oil industry described by Considine and Kerr, the ascendancy of Putin is leading...

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