The Sacred Santa: Religious Dimensions of Consumer Culture

The Sacred Santa: Religious Dimensions of Consumer Culture
Allen & Unwin
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Praise for Jim Holden?s World Class Selling "World Class Selling is a must for any company executive and sales professional committed to achieving world class supremacy. Jim Holden has surpassed himself." ?George E. Harvey President, Business Group AT&T Canada "The Holden Corporation and its value concept teachings are not new to the Microsoft OEM division. For the past three years we have worked with them, immersing ourselves in their value management methodology, applying it to a variety of scenarios in our business, with excellent results. For us, World Class Selling is another great extension of what we have been practicing for some time. I?m sure it will make us an even better organization to reckon with." ?Joachim Kempin Senior Vice President, OEM Division, Microsoft "In World Class Selling, Jim Holden adds another dimension to his teaching effectiveness. The real-life highs, lows, threats to, and accomplishments of Mary Gagan establish the drama of what...

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