The Serigraphs of Doug West

The Serigraphs of Doug West
International Artist Publishing
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Возникновение биосферы, Размерность пространства в микромире, Асимметрия и возникновение жизни, Динамическая нестабильность воды, Биогенная нефть, Дно океана, Феномен близнецов, Миграции индоевропейцев, Призвание варягов, Преодоление язычества, Страх, Три кризиса Розанова, Физика духа


Book DescriptionPublished in 1995 (but sold primarily to collectors), this beautiful soft cover art book (with a sewn binding) is now available for the first time through bookstores. The book includes Doug West?s exquisite serigraphs of the New Mexico landscape. These serigraphs?fine art images on paper using a silkscreen process?are vividly hued with the colors of the most subtle rainbow: blues, greens, mauves. Joseph Dispenza writes, "Doug West captures the state in all its natural glory from towering peaks to long desert stretches." West?s magnificent skies with voluminous clouds, his arid river banks dotted by native brush, and turn-of-the-day horizons are like no others. Accompanying the twenty-eight color plates in the book are the artist?s reflections about the times and places that inspired each serigraph. This was the first book in the New Mexico Magazine Artist Series. As with the other books in the series, the author provides a detailed...

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