The Singing Day: Songbook and CD for Singing with Young Children (Festival Series)

The Singing Day: Songbook and CD for Singing with Young Children (Festival Series)
Ohio University Press
Поступления 2006 года
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Обольщение, Дорогая Марла, Плохая киска, Для тебя, Щедрый подарок лета, Капитан, можно?, Силовая игра, Секс-клуб "Опьянение" в Париже, Общаясь языками, Рэп на день рождения, Оставь сообщение, Его руки, Случай в ресторане, Золото, Химия, Неожиданная встреча, Подземка, Лихорадка, У всех на глазах, В дыму Кэмел Лайт, Диско-дрема, Дай мне блеска, Шестой уровень по кински, Настоящая причина, почему я ношу длинные волосы, Мокрая Гвен, Встреча за обедом, Поездка на поезде, Настоящие рыжие, Долгий путь домой, Внутри, Дерн, Отшлепай меня, Медовый месяц, Помощница фокусника, Костюм


Book DescriptionThis easy-to-follow songbook and CD offers practical tips to help parents and teachers find their voices when singing to small children. The Singing Day turns the child?s daily routine into a magical musical journey?simple activities become the launch pad for fun and discovery through music and song. According to Candy Verney, every parent is a special singer with a unique voice. Singing with babies and young children is one of the joys of being a parent and a gift that yourchildren will cherish throughout life. And the songs are chosen for the simple reason that children love them! This treasury includes: Lullabies to sooth * Songs for daily events?mealtimes, dressing, bathing, and more * Action songs, rhymes, singing games using fingers and toes to get things moving * Insights into how music helps children develop * Guidance for making up songs with children * Plus, the included CD helps you easily learn the tunes by heart!

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