The Triumph of Technology Over Politics?

The Triumph of Technology Over Politics?
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This book describes and analyses the dramatic changes in television in Western Europe during the 1980s and 1990s. In particular, it charts how Swedish television, conceived as a large socio-technical system, has shifted from a traditional’public service’ system to a more open and mixed system. In addition to traditional public television broadcasting, it has now come to encompass several commercial channels distributed through an expanding combination of technical and market alternatives, including satellite television. Specifically, this works examines the entrepreneurial actions of the Swedish industrial group Kinnevik in establishing the satellite channel TV3. This process is analysed in relation to (1) the particular characteristics of the traditional Swedish broadcasting system, (2) the development of cable-TV in Sweden, and (3) the history of satellite television. The author explores a range of vital questions concerning the (re)construction of socio-technical systems....

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