The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds
Dover Publications
Wells, Herbert
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The War of the Worlds


When four Martian spaceships land in England masses of panicked people flee the cities hoping to escape from the hostile alien creatures sweeping across the countryside. Armed with devastating weapons of death and destruction the invaders are destroying all buildings and life in their path. Who are these beings? What do they want? How can earthlings combat the monsters from outer space and penetrate their powerful defenses? Find out in this specially abridged, easy to read edition of one of the great science-fiction stones of all time. `The War of the Worlds` has thrilled countless readers since it was first published in 1898. (The story even caused widespread panic among a radio audience listening to a dramatization of the tale in 1938). Enhanced with nine original illustrations by John Green this gripping tale by a master storyteller will thrill new generations with its exciting accounts of interplanetary travel and cosmic warfare.

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