The Zebedee Boy

The Zebedee Boy
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Book Description The Zebedee Boy is a fictional memoir of ?the beloved disciple?. John Zebedee, fisherman of Galilee and follower of Jesus of Nazareth, writes 12 years after the crucifixion, preserving his memories for the early Church. In his collection of personal anecdotes and character portraits, he sets out to explain what the new word ?Christian? means. Recalling the time when he was the youngest of the Twelve and known simply as ?the Zebedee Boy?, John draws on his intimacy with Jesus to paint a living picture of him and speaks authoritatively of his relationships with Mary, the Baptist, Peter, Judas Iscariot and Mary Magdalene. Here, too, are definitive explanations for the fateful decisions made by high priest Caiaphas, Herod Antipas and Pontius Pilate. From the Baptism of Jesus to the Day of Pentecost, the Evangelist reveals his understanding of the spiritual events that are the basis of Christian belief and...

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