Thinking: psychological perspectives on reasoning, judgment, and decision making

Thinking: psychological perspectives on reasoning, judgment, and decision making
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Research into thinking has made considerable developments over the last two decades. This international and comprehensive handbook brings three of the important topics of thinking together—reasoning, judgment and decision making—and discusses key issues in each area.

The studies described range from those that are purely laboratory based to those that involve experts making real world judgments, in areas such as medical and legal decision making, and political and economic forecasting.

Topics include:

  • the development of mental models theory and its application in new domains
  • the application of "rational analysis" to reasoning and the rejection of logical codes
  • the development of the frequentist perspective on probability
  • the pragmatic approach to probabilistic reasoning
  • the development of "fast-and-frugal" heuristics that outperform traditional methods for judgment and decision making
  • an extended two-stage theory of decision making, incorporating prospect theory and support theory

This book will appeal to psychologists, behavioural decision theorists, management scientists, and anybody with an interest in how we think and how we might improve the quality of our thoughts.

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