Three Weeks to eBay Profits: Go from Beginner to Successful Seller in Less than a Month

Three Weeks to eBay Profits: Go from Beginner to Successful Seller in Less than a Month
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Over one million people list an item for sale on eBay every day—and 600,000 of these are professional full-time sellers. Now anyone with ambition and a dream can realize financial success on eBay. Whether readers are looking to be their own boss or launch a part-time business, eBay guru Skip McGrath walks them through a series of easy steps designed to generate income in less than a month. This practical guide reveals how to find products to sell, successfully compete in the crowded eBay marketplace, and optimize and grow one’s business. Three Weeks to eBay Profits offers instant answers to anyone who dreams of running this or her own business and realizing financial freedom. A Skip McGrath is currently a Gold Level Power Seller on eBay. He has written seven books on eBay selling, including The eBay Power Seller’s Manual and The Complete eBay Marketing System . His Web site,, is one of...

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