Titanic: The Last Great Images

Titanic: The Last Great Images
Running Press
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Стихи, Три поросенка, Почему мыши котов не обижают, Два толстяка и заяц, Заяц-симулянт, "Хочу бодаться!", Вырвихвост, Просчитался, Мошка, Зеркало, Упрямый козленок, Суеверный Трусохвостик, Пеликанье воспитанье, Осел и Бобр


Dead men tell no tales. Dead ships, however, do. Over seventy years after the great ocean liner sank, marine geologist Robert Ballard discovered the wreck of the Titanic 12,500 feet beneath the surface of the icy North Atlantic. Now Ballard presents the world with an opportunity to live the story of the famous ship through his amazing last great images, before Titanic’s remains are gone forever. This is a story told in rusted, twisted metal and debris, but it is also a human story told in a porcelain doll’s face, an empty shoe, and an abandoned derby hat. Titanic: The Last Great Images maps the wreck of the ship from a variety of perspectives to give a completely new picture of the triumph and tragedy that was Titanic. This illustrated volume—and a National Geographic special—weave the strands of the ocean liner’s story together in renderings done by the ship’s original designers, charts of the debris field, and period illustrations. Robert Ballard provides the clearest, most accurate...

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