Titanium Rain Volume 1

Titanium Rain Volume 1
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To be alive is to be at odds with the world. Man against nature. Man against man. The instinct to survive is what has made us who we are. In the year 2031, mankind s survival instinct is put to the test when a civil war in China spirals into global conflict. Nations are destroyed. Millions are killed. And for many, like US Air Force pilot Alec Killian, survival will mean shedding some of his humanity in exchange for biotech and machine. Is this the ultimate corruption of nature? Or, the birth pains of a new chapter in mankind s evolution? This is TITANIUM RAIN. This book collects the first four chapters of the TITANIUM RAIN series. Bonus material includes nearly 50 pages of articles, back matter, vehicle specs, and two never-before-published stories. Includes guest contributions from Emil Petrinic (artist, THE RED STAR), Martheus Wade (artist, JETTA: TALES OF THE TOSHIGAWA), Mike Colbert (writer, CRAZY MARY), Damian Smith (writer, REVERE), and Jules Rivera (artist, MARSH ROCKET).

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