Tomsk Region. Guide with Maps

Tomsk Region. Guide with Maps
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Tomsk Region. Guide with Maps


Tomsk is included in the list of historical towns of the Russian Federation. In the past it was a fortress and a town of merchants and `servicemen`, the centre of the vast Siberian region. The Moscow-Siberian Highway influenced the formation of the town`s architecture and history for two centuries. The Tomskians are now preparing for two major events: the quatercentenary of their town and the bicentenary of Tomsk province, which will be celebrated in 2004. Tomsk Region is rich in hunting grounds. Its territory is inhabited by literally dozens of species of commercial animals, birds and fish. The area is also known for its mineral waters and medicinal mud and extensive supplies of cranberries, cowberries, and blueberries. It offers excellent opportunities for health cures and treatment in some unique medical centres and also in the Chazhemto and Klyuchi sanatoria.

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