Traditional Henna Designs

Traditional Henna Designs
Поступления 2006 года
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Book DescriptionHenna body decoration is generally practiced on festive occasions, religious ceremonies, most notably, weddings. In all cultures that practice henna painting it is the hands and feet that are commonly decorated; for weddings the designs can extend onto the arms and legs. Design motifs vary from culture to culture. For instance, North African HennaDesigns tend to be geometric or composed from highly stylized flowers. Indian designs are usually drawn within a square, rectangle or circle which is then surrounded by a myriad of smaller patterns that cover the hands and lower arms, the feet and ankles. Motifs are taken from a vast Indian decorative vocabulary: Moghul flowers, Paisly patters, complicated tendril designs, stars, vines, spirals,leaves, checkerboards, water drops and waves.

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