Tropical Cooking Made Easy

Tropical Cooking Made Easy
Mill City Press, Inc.
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Властелин колец. Часть 1. Братство Кольца, Властелин колец. Часть 2. Две крепости, Властелин конец. Часть 3. Возвращение короля, Самальмарилион


I have seen, and own many cookbooks from my island written in Spanish and English. I have asked many people if they would purchase this type of cookbook. Their responses have demonstrated how very little is known about the culinary aspect of the Caribbean in particularly, my island. The knowledge of the culture and food is remote to many, and the complexity of the recipes preparation could be overwhelming. After much research on this issue, I decided that the book should be written reflecting the Caribbean cooking as being easy, healthy, savory, and attractive to the American taste, but without omitting the essence of the food culture background. Tropical Cooking Made Easy is a cookbook with a distinctive exotic taste like the island itself. It is a book with unique recipes as its history. The ingredients in the recipes are a blend of the heritage behind the people of the Island of Puerto Rico: Spanish, Indian, and African. The recipes welcome you to explore a world of tropical...

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