Turbo Codes: Principles and Applications

Turbo Codes: Principles and Applications
Kluwer Academic Publishers
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Общедоступная история астрономии в XIX столетии


Turbo coding principles have found widespread applications in information theory and, in part, have entered into mainstream telecommunication theory and practice. These principles are used in error control, detection, interference suppression, equalization, and other communications-related areas. Turbo Codes: Principles and Applications is intended for use by advanced level students and professional engineers involved in coding and telecommunication research. The material is organized into a coherent framework, starting with basic concepts of block and convolutional coding, and gradually increasing in a logical and progressive manner to more advanced material, including applications. All algorithms are fully described and supported by examples, and evaluations of their performance are carried out both analytically and by simulations. The book includes new and original material on a bidirectional SOVA decoding algorithm, design of turbo codes based on the distance spectrum, design...

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