TypeSense: Making Sense of Type on the Computer (3rd Edition)

TypeSense: Making Sense of Type on the Computer (3rd Edition)
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Providing detailed information in elegant and readable prose, and giving readers specific and in-depth examples of typographic problems and their solutions, this comprehensive guide covers typographic history, typesetting, and typographic design all in one book and keys in on four major areas of typography usage–on a page, in a paragraph, in a sentence, and as a design element–helping readersmake sense of type on the computer and create professional-quality typographic designs. Takes readers from the broadest level of type usage (the page) to the most detailed level (the sentence) in a structured manner, and shows how to use standard and expert collection typefaces for professional-quality typesetting. Provides a ready resource of information for those on-the-computer questions, and includes numerous proofreading examples; thorough step-by-step explanation of how to proofread documents, both electronically and visually...

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