Understanding Intrusion Detection through Visualization (Advances in Information Security)

Understanding Intrusion Detection through Visualization (Advances in Information Security)
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With the ever increasing use of computers for critical systems, computer security that protects data and computer systems from intentional, malicious intervention, continues to attract attention. Among the methods for defense, the application of a tool to help the operator identify ongoing or already perpetrated attacks (intrusion detection), has been the subject of considerable research in the past ten years. A key problem with current intrusion detection systems is the high number of false alarms they produce. Understanding Intrusion Detection through Visualization presents researchA‚A on why false alarms are, and will remain a problem; then appliesA‚A results from the field of information visualization to the problem of intrusion detection. This approach promises to enable the operator to identify false (and true) alarms, while aiding the operator to identify other operational characteristics of intrusion detection systems. ThisA‚A volume presents four different visualization...

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