Understanding Map Projections: ArcGIS 9 (Arcgis 9)

Understanding Map Projections: ArcGIS 9 (Arcgis 9)
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Understanding Map Projections introduces and illustrates what geographic and projected coordinate systems are and the elements that make up each. This book explains in a clear and complete manner the terms and concepts of map projections and how they can be applied to your data. Whether you are familiar with the science and mathematics involved with projecting geographic data or you are learning it for the first time, this book will help you understand what it is all about and why and when it should be done. You’ll learn about: Differences between geographic and projected coordinate systems. Spheres and spheroids, datums, latitude and longitude, and how they are calculated. Various map projections available and supported by ArcGISA‚A®. Parameters used in different map projections. Geographic, or datum, transformation methods. Understanding the concepts involved with map projections will give you the ability to understand your data...

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