VBA for Dummies

VBA for Dummies
Cisco Press
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* Gives programmers, software developers, and advanced users of Microsoft Office applications all the key concepts necessary to write VBA programs for the new Office "X" * Fully updated to cover all the changes in the newest release of Office * VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is the primary development tool for all applications in the Microsoft Office suite-Access, Excel, and Word-and according to Microsoft, more than 2.6 million programmers currently use VBA * Since VBA is also licensed to other software developers and vendors, it is built into some non-Microsoft, third-party software; programs that include VBA can be tailored to fit specific business needs * Shows programmers how to build applications with VBA and covers allthe essentials, including: VBA visual programming tools, recording and modifying macros, basic VBA programming, running VBA programs, using the VBA Editor, debugging and error trapping, plus more advanced topics, such as built-in VBA...

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