Variation of Service Quality in Wireless Systems

Variation of Service Quality in Wireless Systems
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To ensure a good quality of service throughout a wireless network, received signal must be strong. The power control systems have to compensate not only for signal strength variations due to varying distance between the base station and the mobile but must also attempt to compensate for signal strength fluctuations typical of a wireless channel. In this book, the Nakagami-m parameter is evaluated under changing multipath environment conditions. Once, a channel model is developed that gives us the variability of Nakagami-m parameter with distance, its performance is studied over different modulation schemes. Since the mobile terminal may move at the velocity of a moving car or even of a fast train, the rate of channel fluctuations may be quite high and the power control has to react very quickly in order to compensate for it. The target audience of this book includes both theory- and practice-oriented researchers who would like to design accurate channel models for evaluating the...

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