Vegetable Book: A Detailed Guide to Identifying, Using & Cooking Over 100 Vegetables

Vegetable Book: A Detailed Guide to Identifying, Using & Cooking Over 100 Vegetables
Кулинария. Поступления - 2009 г.
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Colin Spencer bring us a fresh new look at vegetables, which have moved to the center of the culinary stage in past years, discussing what is available and when and how to get the best from them. Arranged by horticultural family, there are entries on more than 100 vegetables accompanied by more than 300 recipes. For every vegetable, each root, leaf, stem and tuber is lovingly examined: its history amusingly related; its properties, varieties and foibles investigated. Vegetarian dishes both classic and modern are also provided in a range of ways to present vegetables at their best, as side dishes and main courses such as Sweet Potato Pie, Onion Tart, Spinach Roulade and Red Pepper Cream, and Fennel Tempura. Illustrated with 12 beautiful line drawings by artist Emma Dibben.

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