Walt and Skeezix: Book Four: 1927-1928

Walt and Skeezix: Book Four: 1927-1928
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THE LONG-AWAITED NEW VOLUME FROM THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED ARCHIVAL COLLECTION OF FRANK KING’S CLASSIC STRIPIn this fourth volume of Walt and Skeezix, the newly married Walt Wallet settles into domestic life with his wife, Phyllis, and their adopted son, Skeezix, but their family bliss is soon disrupted by a man who claims to be Skeezix’s natural father. A long custody battle erupts, raising questions as to the importance of blood ties compared with a loving environment. Later, Walt and Phyllis have to deal with all the dilemmas of a young couple’s life as their family starts to unexpectedly expand. This is the very stuff of life?paying the bills, nursing a sick child, findingthe right job while spending quality time with family?expertly explored with cartoonist Frank King’s unerring fidelity to reality. In unfolding the drama of the Wallet family’s life, King displays his full mastery of long and complex narratives, which made his work a forerunner to the modern graphic novel. In his...

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