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Общедоступная история астрономии в XIX столетии


Immediately after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, people began sending messages to friends and loved ones, some of whom they had not contacted in years. A new mode of instant communication was set into motion. The Internet was jammed with e-mails containing everything from pictures of the disaster to prayers from well-wishers. Many commentaries surfaced on how we should face this disaster. Patriotism was reborn in the United States. People with little or no previous knowledge of computers soon began learning to navigate the Internet and send e-mail. Most of the first messages exuded anger and sadness, followed by messages of patriotic and religious content. Later, after the trauma and disbelief had subsided, the Internet user?s mood changedto more revitalizing and up-lifting messages. Soon jokes, political pundits and personal commentaries seemed to dominate the e-mail messages. The healing had begun.

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