What Are Natural Structures? (Looking at Nature)

What Are Natural Structures? (Looking at Nature)
Brighter Child
Новые поступления 2009 г.
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This title is suitable for children of ages 6 to 8 years. Structures are part of many primary curriculum guidelines. They usually mean human-made structures such as bridges. Structures are made up of parts arranged in a way that serve a certain purpose. This book looks at natural structures such as plants, animal bodies, mountains, caves, rock formations, and icebergs, the materials from which they are made, and their colours, shapes, and textures. It shows structures made by animals, such as beehives and bird nests. The book also compares natural structures to human-made structures, such as natural bridges and human-made bridges, a ladybug and cars shaped like beetles, a bird and an airplane, and giraffes and construction cranes. This wonderful book with amazing photos will encourage young readers to notice colours and shapes in nature and how they relate to the purpose of structures.

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